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 LongJump Script Valve by aSk

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LongJump Script Valve by aSk Empty
PostSubject: LongJump Script Valve by aSk   LongJump Script Valve by aSk I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 30, 2011 9:15 pm

alias "w" "wait"
alias "w2" "w; w"
alias "w3" "w2; w"
alias "w4" "w2; w2"
alias "w5" "w2; w3"
alias "w6" "w3; w3"
alias "w7" "w3; w4"
alias "w8" "w4; w4"
alias "w9" "w4; w5"
alias "w10" "w5; w5"
alias "w30" "w10; w10; w10"
alias "w32" "w10; w10; w10; w2"
alias "w40" "w10; w10; w10; w10"
alias "w92" "w10; w10; w10; w10; w10; w10; w10; w10; w10; w2"
alias "ss300" "cl_sidespeed 300"
alias "ss400" "cl_sidespeed 400"
alias "ys-280" "cl_yawspeed -280"
alias "ys-130" "cl_yawspeed -130"
alias "ys-120" "cl_yawspeed -120"
alias "ys92" "cl_yawspeed 92"
alias "ys119" "cl_yawspeed 119"
alias "ys410" "cl_yawspeed 410"
alias "ys420" "cl_yawspeed 420"
alias "ys437" "cl_yawspeed 437"
alias "ys445" "cl_yawspeed 445"
alias "ys448" "cl_yawspeed 448"
alias "ys480" "cl_yawspeed 480"
alias "ys500" "cl_yawspeed 500"
alias "ys600" "cl_yawspeed 600"
alias "ys650" "cl_yawspeed 650"
alias "ys700" "cl_yawspeed 700"
alias "ys765" "cl_yawspeed 765"
alias "ys900" "cl_yawspeed 900"
alias "s" "ys-280; w2; ys480; w7; ys765; w"
alias "s2" "ys-130; w2; ys448; w7; ys700; w"
alias "s3" "ys-120; w2; ys445; w6; ys700; w"
alias "s4" "ys-130; w2; ys437; w5; ys600; w"
alias "s5" "ys-130; w2; ys420; w5; ys650; w"
alias "s6" "ys-130; w2; ys410; w4; ys500; w"
alias "s7" "ys-130; w2; ys410; w"
alias " j" " jump"
alias "-j" "-jump"
alias " d" " duck"
alias "-d" "-duck"
alias " f" " forward"
alias "-f" "-forward"
alias " r" " right"
alias "-r" "-right"
alias " l" " left"
alias "-l" "-left"
alias " mr" " moveright"
alias "-mr" "-moveright"
alias " ml" " moveleft"
alias "-ml" "-moveleft"
alias " mrr" " mr;  r"
alias "-mrr" "-r; -mr"
alias " mll" " ml;  l"
alias "-mll" "-l; -ml"
alias " pre" "ys92;  f; w30;  mrr; w32; ys119; w92; -f"
alias "-pre" "ys900; w; ys700; w; ys500; w8; -mrr"
alias "1ls" " mll; s; -mll"
alias "1rs" " mrr; s2; -mrr"
alias "2ls" " mll; s3; -mll"
alias "2rs" " mrr; s4; -mrr"
alias "3ls" " mll; s5; -mll"
alias "3rs" " mrr; s6; -mrr"
alias "4ls" " mll; s7; -mll"
alias "strafe" "-pre; 1ls; 1rs; 2ls; 2rs;  d; 3ls; 3rs; 4ls"
alias "lj" "ss300;  pre;  j; w; -j; strafe; w40; ss400; w10; -d"
bind "f" "lj"
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LongJump Script Valve by aSk
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