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 Cerere NightClawler IV.

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PostSubject: Cerere NightClawler IV.    Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:32 am

Username : Smilley
HWID : 00000055D5440681
How old are you : 14
Your Email : weddyhackero
Where are you from : Bucuresti
Occupation : School,Cs 1.6
Will you be active on the forum : Da~!
Do you have steam : Am cont dar nu mi-am loat CS lipsa de money..
What other games you play : Gta IV .. si atata
What CS Mode you like : Hide'n'Seek si Simplu
Do you like when other players using hacks : Pe servere normale vad des!
Do you use hacks often : Incep si eu sa vad cum e sa joci cu coade
Do you get mad when someone have the same hack like you : Nu prea joc cu coduri- nu prea vreau sa trisez dar pentru hns mai ales pe alphazone numai codati:@ si asa vreau sa-i fac de 3 parale
Will you be able to support this project : Cu siguranta voi sustine acest PROIECT!
Do you have a minimum of 10 posts ? , If Not dont post,result in ban. :Da am peste 10 POSTURI
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Cerere NightClawler IV.
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